Camo Dip Kit - Water based do it yourself dip kit for camo - camouflage
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I dip?
Basically any hard surface you can get the base coat to adhere to you can dip.
2. Is it hard to dip an object?
The process is straight forward; if you can follow instruction you can dip an object.
3. Are some parts harder to dip then others?
Yes, depending on the configuration of the part some can be more difficult then others.
4. Can I use my own base coat colors?
Yes, as long as it is a good automotive base coat you can use it for processing.
5. Do I have to use special water?
No any water from a clean supply is adequate.
6. Some parts of the film melts and some does not?
It is important that when you spray the activator over the film that you hold the can level. You must have even coverage on the film.
7. The print looked great then smeared off?
Perhaps you used too much activator.
8. The print looked great but had air bubbles?
Not enough activator.
9. After printing I had little holes?
The part was processed too flat into the film and trapped air.
10. After printing I had voids?
The water reached the area to be printed before the film. The film will not adhere to a wet or damp surface.
11. The part printed great then started to eat into the base coat?
You let the part stand out too long before rinsing it off. After printing place the part under running water. If you just set the part to the side it will continue its adhesion process.
12. Can I touch up a small imperfection?
Yes, spray some activator into a small container. Use a small brush, dip into the activator then rub the brush onto a piece of the film. You can dilute some of the ink from the carrier and dap it onto the area you wish to touch up. After this procedure rinse the part under running water.
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