Camo Dip Kit - Water based do it yourself dip kit for camo - camouflage
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Suggested Uses

Hunting and Outdoor Recreation:

Rifle/ Shotgun stocks
Rifle Shotgun Forearms
Pistol grips
Bow quiver
Bow stabilizer
Bow Sight
Shooting sticks
Tree Stand parts
Gun cases
Gun racks wall, ATV or vehicle mounted
Knife handles
Paintball guns
Paintball gun grips
Paintball gun hoppers
Paintball gun CO2
Paintball goggles

Air gun stocks or grips
Game calls
Composite axe handles
Hunting Shears handles
Ammunition cases
Sling shot handles
Sling Shot frame
Safety glasses frames
Bowfish floats
Archery arrow rest
Bow cases
Archery vibration dampeners
Bow Press
Arrow Shafts
Bow Square
Bow releases

Knock Pliers
Tackle boxes
Fishing pliers
Fly Reel
Fishing Rod cases
Fishing scale cases
Fishing boat pedestal seat stands
Marine steering wheels
Boat cleats
Trolling motors
Compass cases
Boat paddles
Marine Push Poles
Gas cans
Small skulls
Golf Club

Automotive and Transportation

Interior panels
Air Cleaner covers
Rocker Covers
Automotive trim
Tail Light covers
Head Light bezels
Speaker boxes
Hub Caps
License Plate Frames
Small motorcycle accessories
Steering wheels

Shifter knobs
Door handles
Door locks
Tools and Tool handles
ATV accessory racks
Trailer hitch receiver
Battery Cases
ATV ramps
Gas or oil containers
Small air tanks
Window visors
Welders Mask
Bicycle fender

Bicycle handle bars
Bicycle forks
Bicycle brake frames
Bicycle grips
Bicycle Pedals
Snow boarding accessories
Emergency brake handles
AC vents
Car and truck emblems
RC car bodies
RC car frames
RC car wheels
Case for your RC controller


Household Furnishings

AC vent covers
Cabinet Doors
Tape dispenser
Thermostat cover housing
Hard Hats
CD Cases
Coffee cups
Picture frames
Light switch covers

Ceiling fan blades
Ash trays
Lamp bases
Small appliance cases
Phone cases
Roller blade parts
Walking cane
Towel hooks/ bars/ rings
Shower Curtain rods
Tooth Brush holder
Soap dish

Soap/ Lotion Dispenser
Sink Faucets/ Handles
Hanging Shampoo/ Soap racks
Guitar Accessories
Cell Phone cases
Bowling ball
Computer Case
Monitor case
Mouse shell
Keyboard case





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